Become A Broker

What is a Broker?

A Broker has the role of helping people plan and organise any support they need but is neither a Care Manager nor a service provider. Therefore they do not have the job of rationing resources and do not have the job of providing services.

Listed below are some of the functions of a Broker:

  • Review, prepare and/or identify indicative costs of creating and implementing a person centred support plan.
  • Assist to develop a vision of a preferred lifestyle using PATH and other relevant person centred planning tools.
  • Clarify the person’s needs and expectations as part of the care manager’s assessment eligibility criteria under ‘Fair Access to Care’.
  • Identify and apply for funding from all government and non-government sources.
  • Support ‘Fair Access to Care’ appeals process if required.
  • Identify and access community resources.
  • Assist with funding negotiation with CC commissioners.
  • Direct liaison and negotiation with service providers.
  • Monitor and evaluate provider services in conjunction with existing monitoring and regulatory frameworks.
  • Modify existing provider services or develop new ones.
  • Mediate and resolve problems (as directed by the person).
  • Brokers work directly for the person or their family, making sure they stay in control and get the most out of their lives!

A Broker can be involved in:

  • Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Community connecting
  • Identifying resources available

How to Become a Broker:

If you feel you would be interested in becoming a broker please print off and read the Person Specification and print and complete the Application form PDF or Word format .

Once you have filled in the Application form please send it back to