About The National Brokerage Network

Support brokers are your independent guides to make sure you can live the life of your choice if you are a disabled person. Support brokerage originated in the States and is seen as a crucial component of the move towards Individual budgets and self-determined support through the Care Services Improvement Partnership and In Control national pilot projects.

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What Is The National Brokerage Network?

The National Brokerage Network (NBN) is a ‘Network’ of Networks’ that has been set up to act as an information exchange and an authorative voice for the development of Brokerage throughout the UK.

It aims to represent the views and interests of the diverse support broker movement with key politicians and policy makers. It hopes to build and grow an authoritative body to provide strong leadership, drive and guidance in development of Brokerage.

The NBN hopes to be able to offer and co-ordinate training by using the specialist skills of Broker members.

How is the National Brokerage Network set up?

The NBN has been created as part of the ‘In Control’ initiative for self-directed support. It is currently appointing regional co-ordinators throughout the UK, responsible for setting up regional meetings, peer and individual supervision for Brokers and attending the quarterly National Coordinators meetings.

Membership of the NBN is open and seeks to be fully inclusive.
Our core members include:
Self Advocates
Community Brokerage Agencies
Family Members
Community Leaders
Centres for Independent Living
Service providers committed to working with individual funding
Lead Consultancy and Development Agencies

How Can Becoming A Member Benefit You?

  • Peer support from your Regional Co-ordinator
  • Attendance to local training
  • Copy of NBN approved paper-set to use during your work as a Broker

Brokerage for the whole community

NBN contributed to the 2009 Care Services Improvement Partnership paper on individual budgets. We have incorporated the community approach to brokerage in our national training programme and are fully committed to a providing the information, advice and guidance elements of brokerage to disabled people, family members and supporters free of charge.

National Brokerage Network Directors

Tony Philips – www.realife.org.uk

Andrew Carpenter – www.londonbrokeragenetwork.com

Bill Laybourne – Good life

Liz Leach Chair Of National Brokerage Network  – www.imagineer.org.uk

Colin Campbell – www.livesthroughfriends.org

Jemma Ennis Dawson – www.positive-futures.net