NBN East goes international

November 18, 2016 - in Recent News

A big thank you to our Czech students Tereza, Veronika, Nicki and Eva (here’s Realife colleagues John and Ames with Eva and Nicki); our Italian volunteers Martina, Tania and Dino; our Spanish crew Maria and Jesus and last but not least our Portuguese consultant social worker Vitor. We are about to launch our international network website called ‘La Vida Real’ so even if the Local Authorities are taking far too long to wake up to the potential of support brokerage in the UK, our cousins abroad are really keen. Find out more on www.realife.org.uk

Say Hi to our social work students Nicky and Eva from the Czech Republic with colleagues from NBN EAST at Realife Trust in Cambridge. We host a two month placement every Autumn and return the favour by doing a series of group lectures in at the University of Palaky, Caritas College in Olomouc in September.